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Hungary is considered asone of the greenest cities in Europe and holds the name for its touristattractions, economy and its history behind the winning of its freedom fromvarious wars with the neighbouring nations.

Budapest, the capital of the Hungary has the highestnumber of museums, palaces and various other iconic places which are recognizedfor its both tourist and historical identities. Budapest accounts for almost40% of the country’s total income for each year which shows the impact of thecity. Balaton, Danube and Tisza are the important rivers which are present inthe country and it meets the needs of the inhabitants regularly. The firstelectrical railway subway line in European Union was introduced in Hungary. 

Being one of the most improvisedeconomical country in the European Union, Hungary grabs theprivilege as one of the most developing economical country in the region. TheEconomic growth is expected to increase 3.0% by 2020 and 3.7% by 2021 whichshows the economic development of the country. Also, in the last 25yearsHungary has shown greater interest and development in Technological security,Mobile and Electronic Technology and Hardware apparatus.

The need and rise in theautomobile industries and material science projects and innovations in the samehas also increased the growth of the country’s economic drastically. Othervital modes of economic growth come from exporting of Pharmaceuticals,Medical equipment’s, Vehicle electronic parts, Integrated circuits and otherminor electronic goods. Hungary holds the 35th Position in the worldfor the most exported goods in the globe. Some of the major countries whichdepends on Hungary for its exporting goods are GermanyFranceChinaPolandNetherlands andRomania.

Hungary is in the process ofincreasing the education standards and it is in the verge of becoming the mostdesired location for abroad studies. The most desired fields in Hungarianeducation are Life-Sciences, MedicineDentistry andTechnological studies. Healthcare in Hungary provides the necessaryrequirements for its citizens such as citizen health insurance, citizen medicalproduct and Hungarian National Insurance Fund. With the need for the better andquality healthcare,Hungary tends to increase the production in both Pharmaceuticals and Medicalequipment’s in the upcoming years.

Local Attractions in the countryincludes various art and cultural buildings, Art galleries and Hills etc.Budapest is considered as the most visited place in the European Union. Hungary’stourist attractions are known for the Hungarian Cultures, traditional placesand Art Galleries. Hungarian Spa culture methods attracts many individualsacross the globe for its quality medical treatments and traditional methods.Few of the most iconic and desired local attractions in Hungary are:

  • Budapest Danube River
  • Gellért Thermal Bath and Spa
  • Margaret Island (Margit-Sziget)
  • House of Parliament (Országház)
  • Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lanchid)
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