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Italy is the country meant for its art and architecture like the Colosseum andLeaning Tower of Pisa with 40 million tourist visitors annually. A few of theother tourist attractions include the Venice Canals, Pompeii, Lake Como, AmalfiCoast, Florence Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Cinque Terre, Vatican City, TheUffizi Gallery, St. Mark's Basilica, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Milan Duomo, Capriand so on. Apart from this the Naples, the small islands in the Tyrrhenian,Florence, Venice, Ligurian and Amalfi rivieras, the coastal resorts, islands orthe Alpine hills and lakes, the northern Adriatic coast, Abruzzo National Park, the Dolomites, GranParadiso National Park and the Emerald Coast of Sardinia and Sicily.

Standard Italian and descendant of Tuscan is the majorlanguage spoken by the people of the country. In addition to this, thegovernment has announced twelve additional languages as a Linguistic minoritywhich includes the Sardinian, German, Occitan, Albanian, Friulian, Greek, Catalan,Franco-Provençal, Slovene, Croatian, French. Immigration leads to theintroduction of additional languages in this area.

Italy is the country thatoffers the freedom of movement for other European countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Denmark,Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, and the UK. And thecitizens of the USA and Australia and many other countries do not require avisa to visit Italy.

There is a climatic diversity within the Northern and theSouthern region with the relatively cool and Mediterranean climaterespectively.

It is situated in southern Europe and the Mediterraneanregion hence it is the home for the diversified culture and practices with apopulation of 6.05 crores with high life expectancy. With the drastic growth inthe economy, Italy is the eighth largest economy in the world and the thirdamong the European population and it is the eighth major exporter with $514billion. Italy has the major advanced economic growth and it is the foundingmember of the European Union, Eurozone, and OECD along with the G7 and G20. Itis one of the major exporter of the variety of products like pharmaceuticals,vehicles, machinery, furniture, and clothing and it is the predominant luxurygoods hub. It has an important role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO).

Italy is the home for the renowned and breakthroughinnovations of the world and Hence AlliedAcademies organized its series of International congress in thisworld-class destination. In the past two decades, Allied Academies organized hundredsof Medical andEngineering conferences with the remarkable achievement in Italy.

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