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AlliedAcademies has been hosting International Conferences in different parts ofthe World, the Netherlands being a key centre within the global businessnetwork with an advanced infrastructure is an ideal conference destination.

The Netherlands alsoreferred to as Holland, is a European Country it is bordered by Germany andBelgium it also comprises of three oversea island territories in the Caribbean.The Netherlands being the most densely populated country in the European Union hasover 17.2 million people. It has twelve provinces; five of the major cities areAmsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. Of which Amsterdam isthe Capital of the country, The Hague is the seat of the government and alsoplays a major role in being the host of international courts andintergovernmental organizations and thus often dubbed the World’s LegalCapital.

The Official Language spoken is Dutch, by almost 90%of the population, Frisian is considered as an Official language along theNorthern province of Friesland. Turkish, Arabic and low German is also spokenin some parts of the Netherlands. The currency used widely in the Netherlandsis Euro.

The Netherlands being amember of the Schengen Agreement has no border control between the countriesthat have signed and implemented this treaty. A visa granted for any Schengenmember is valid in all other countries that have implemented the treaty. However,a Schengen visa is not valid for travel to the Caribbean parts of theNetherlands.

It is a low-lying, flat territory with dominatedwater features. Rivers, Canals, dikes, and beaches are in the distance. TheClimate in Netherlands is generally cool in the summers and mild duringwinters, it has the best weather from the mid of April to the mid of October ofwhich July and August being the peak month for Visitors. The months betweenFebruary and May are dry and most of the rain falls occur during the winteralthough every month of the year has rainfall.

Packed with a lot of World famous icons, from thewindmills, cheese markets, bulb fields, Delft Blue earthenware to the canals ofAmsterdam the Netherlands is a splendid destination with overflowing hospitality.

The Netherlands also flourishesin the field of food and agricultural products, owing to its highly mechanizedagricultural sector and innovative agri-food technology. They also contain theheadquarters of 19 of the world leading multinational chemical companies,including Royal Dutch Shell, DSM, AkzoNobel, and BASF. The Country’s chemicalindustry focuses mainly on developing smart materials and new solutions. TheMedical technology market in the Netherlands is also an equal competitor to theother sectors with an estimated €4.7bn in 2016. An estimated 500-700 medicaltechnology suppliers are active in the Dutch Medical Technology market, 95%-97%of which are small and medium enterprises making Netherland an Ideal locationfor Medical Conferences.

Thus with an astonishing economy and growth in boththe Medical and other sectors along with awesome places to visit theNetherlands serves as a fitting Location to be the host of International conferences.

Welcome to the flawless Country of the Netherlands anddiscover the newest possibilities.

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